• Slide1Abundante

    Giulio Abundante

    Tre Fantasie

  • Carcassi Sei Fantasie

    Matteo Carcassi

    Sei Fantasie opp. 33 - 34 - 35 - 36 - 37 - 38

  • Slide3Molitor

    Simon Molitor

    Opera Omnia

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Welcome to our international center for guitar music research.

It is the endless web portal that collects treasures and sources of all libraries and public or private archives; the biggest works collection for guitar and similar instruments as well as fontes, editorial catalogues and bibliographical sources at the students, teachers, editors, publishers and researchers service.
The fundraising, by sales and donations, will be employed to finance the musical research and the support of the entire organizing structure of our Association. We reccommend using Opera Browser. For download problems or other questions please contact us faraniti@gmail.com